Sunset with Aquatic Warblers

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A meadow that seems rather dull at first glance will tell you many stories no worse than those the sea can boast. All you have to do is take a short break from the crazy rhythm of the world, set eyes on the grasslands and listen.

Every evening, as the sun is setting, an Aquatic warbler emerges from the depths of the grasslands and, swaying at the top of reed stems, invites you to listen to its song. About a happy return home to the lush meadows and about overcoming the Sahara Desert. About the possibility for the Aquatic warbler to survive in this world and the possibility for men to remain human.

Take a break, while you still have a chance, and listen to the rarest and the most endangered bird in Europe. Where the Aquatic warbler appears, you will also see other rare birds, which creates fabulous sights.

You will need to come to the port of Šilutė, where you will board a boat and, sailing on rivers, will reach Krokų Lanka Lake, as well as the Tulkiaragė Educational Trail. You will learn to distinguish up to 10 bird species based on their voice and appearance. You will have lunch in the reconstructed pumping station that is the only one accepting visitors, where you will also watch a short documentary about the Aquatic warble. In the Šyša Botanical-Zoological Reserve, you will carry out the main observations, visiting all the observation points available there, and will watch the sunset, listening to the song of the Aquatic warbler.

If necessary, we will adjust the route according to your wishes. There is a possibility to organise a two-day observation tour, including sailing to Dreverna.

Clothing: comfortable, mosquito and tick repellent.

Additionally, we can offer a picnic, a lunch at the Tulkiaragė pumping station while watching the documentary, or on board of the boat.

The price includes boat rental, services of a nature guide, and equipment necessary for bird observation.

Duration: about 9 hours.

The length of the walking route: about 8 km.

The species to be observed: aquatic warbler, corncrake, great snipe, sedge warbler, black-tailed godwit, peewit, common snipe, marsh harrier and sea eagle.

Observation season: May to July. Groups of up to 20 people.

Time of day: from 3 pm until midnight.


Group of 10 people – from 35 EUR/person.

Group of 20 people – from 25 EUR/person.


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