Offer: Exploring Nemunas Delta (Duration: 7 days)


Day 1:

Arrival to the Nemunas Delta, dinner, overnight stay.

Day 2:

Breakfast; a short excursion around the town of Rusnė. Educational tour around Rusnė Island: fish smoking, traditional shipbuilding, reed cutting, herb picking (health promotion), and fish soup cooking and tasting educational activities. Free time; dinner; overnight stay.

Day 3:

Breakfast; a boat trip around the Nemunas Delta, including a tour in Mingė village and fisherman’s museum and a smelt fishing educational activity; lunch; a visit to the Uostadvaris water-lifting station and lighthouse; paddleboarding on polder canals; dinner; overnight stay.

Day 4:

Breakfast; a bus trip around the Nemunas Delta: the Aukštumala educational trail, Ventė Cape, ornithological station, educational activity, including bird ringing, led by an ornithologist; lunch; excursion around Kintai town; dinner.

Day 5:

Breakfast; a bus trip to Šilutė: the manor house of Hugo Scheu; educational activities: Culinary Heritage of Lithuania Minor, East Prussian Customs Service, Staging – Soviet Repressions; Šilutė Museum, Evangelical Lutheran Church, Old Prison, Macikai Concentration Camp; dinner; overnight stay.

Day 6:

Breakfast; a trip to Rambynas Hill, including: visit to Rambynas Regional Park with the staging of an Ancient Wedding; museum; expositions; culinary heritage; food hamper; dinner.

Day 7:

Breakfast and departure home.


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