Offer for bus travellers around Dzūkija


Travelling to discover the areas of Dzūkija not yet known to you is an exciting experience at any time of the year.

We invite you to get to know the most popular places of interest in Dzūkija National Park: Čepkeliai educational trail, Ūlos akis (Ūla’s Eye) spring and Zervynos ethnographic village.

Before moving on, you will meet with your tour guide at the Marcinkonys Visitor Centre, where you will have an opportunity to see the new exposition of Dzūkija National Park. Later we will walk along the educational trail of Čepkeliai Nature Reserve, go to see the Lithuanian cold-water geyser – Ūla’s Eye spring, and visit Zervynos, one of the most beautiful ethnographic villages in Lithuania. A lunch comprised of traditional foods of Dzūkija region can be ordered on request.

The dishes served during tastings depend on the season and are comprised of the foods that dzūkai, the local inhabitants, have harvested or picked in the forest. At the spring tasting, the nettle and sorrel soup, and grucė (pearl-barley porridge with false morels) are served. And for dessert, you will have grikinė babka (buckwheat cake) with herbal tea.

During the summer tasting, you will be offered the chanterelle soup, chaladnykas (kefir, fresh cucumbers, spring onion and dill) with boiled potatoes and salt pork with pickles, as well as grikinė babka (buckwheat cake) with herbal tea for dessert.

In autumn, the tastings will include a beetroot soup and mashed potatoes with crackling or mushroom sauce. It can also be served with darycinis (a sour cream and curd dip). Grikinė babka (buckwheat cake) with herbal tea will be offered for dessert. The buckwheat cake baking educational activities for big and small ones can be organised (we will prepare, bake and taste it together).

Based on your wishes, there is a possibility to have an overnight stay in a hotel or in the nature school in Marcinkonys.

We can adjust the tour programme according to your wishes.

For an additional fee, we can also include a visit to the ethnographic museum, a candle making educational activity, the tree hollow beekeeping exposition, tasting of culinary heritage dishes, a lesson in the nature school, as well as cycling, kayaking, and paddleboarding trips.

Tour duration: 4 to 6 hours.

The price of the tour includes services of a guide and the Dzūkija National Park visitor’s ticket.

Clothing: comfortable, suitable for walking in nature (don’t forget a mosquito repellent).

Price: from EUR 20


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