On the Wings sightseeing/educational tour

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Boarding a bus in Šilutė, we go to the Aukštumala raised bog telmological reserve. During the walk on the educational trail, you will get acquainted with the history of exploration of the raised bog and its unique fauna and flora. After visiting Aukštumala, you will listen to a lecture on bird ringing in Ventė Cape, as well as will have a chance to ring several birds and visit the newly installed bird migration exposition. After seeing and learning the facts about the abundance of birds in the Nemunas Delta, you will travel to get acquainted with the village of Mingė, also called the “Lithuanian Venice”, where you will board a boat and, going via the Minija and Upaitis rivers, Kniaupas Bay, Curonian Lagoon, and the river of Atmata, will feel the might of the waters of the coastal region.

After getting off in Uostadvaris, you will climb to the lighthouse, a cultural heritage object, and visit the first water-lifting station. You will then move on to Rusnė Town, where you will have a short excursion around the town, including a fish smoking educational activity, during which you will not only see what species of fish are used for smoking and how they are smoked in the coastal region, but will also taste them and have the opportunity to buy the smoked fish you liked the best.

A guide who will help you to get acquainted with the coastal region will accompany you throughout the entire tour.

Tour length: about 6 hours.

Organised for groups of 20 to 50 people.

The programme may be modified.

The price includes services of a guide.

The price does not include the 2-hour travelling by boat, paid tourist attractions, fish smoking and tasting.

The offer is subject to adjustments.


Group of 20 people – from 15 EUR/person.

Group of 30 people – from 13 EUR/person.

Group of 40 people – from 11 EUR/person.

Group of 50 people – from 9 EUR/person.


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