The Most Prominent Figures of Lithuania Minor

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To commemorate the 150th anniversary of birth of Vydūnas.

Many famous people, thanks to whom the region resounded not only in Lithuania but also in the whole world, were born, raised and lived in Lithuania Minor.

In 2018, we commemorate the anniversary of birth of Vydūnas (Wilhelm Storost). This route has been designed for this occasion. During the tour, you will familiarise yourselves not only with activities of Vydūnas but also with those of many other famous people.

The tour starts in the Kintai Vydūnas Cultural Centre and Museum, where you will explore the exposition and see the weather vanes created by Wilhelm Ernst Beerbohm. Then you will go to Šilutė, stopping on your way in the Aukštumala raised bog, the first explorer of which was Carl Albert Weber whose study of the bog was the first of that kind in the world. Having spent some time in the surroundings of nature, you will continue to Šilutė, where you will familiarise yourselves with the activities of Georg Sauerwein, visit the manor house of Hugo Scheu, the patron of Šilutė, the printing house Otto Sekunna, and the H. Sudermann Museum in Macikai. Then you will move on to Bitėnai to visit M. Jankus Museum, the cemetery and Rambynas Regional Park, and to take a walk along Rojaus Street in Bitėnai to get acquainted with the works of E. Grigolaitytė.

Route duration: about 8 hours.

Clothing: warm and comfortable.

In addition, we can offer a picnic, lunch, and bus rental.

The price of the tour includes services of a guide.

The price of the tour does not include paid tourist attractions.


Group of 10 people – from 15 EUR/person.

Group of 20 people – from 12 EUR/person.

Group of 30 people – from 9 EUR/person.

Group of 40 people – from 7 EUR/person.


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