Boat Trip through the Kingdom of Birds


Upon arriving at Ventė Cape, we will visit the museum of the ornithological station and learn about the peculiarities of bird migration and the subtleties of bird ringing. We then will board the boat and embark on a search for water birds. On board, we will hear the story of a great cormorant demonized by men, look for the widely sang of terns and seagulls and try to understand their differences. After turning to Kniaupas Bay, we will have a chance to admire white herons, teams of various species of ducks and, if we are lucky, bitterns, secretive creatures hiding in the reed.

We will enter Krokų Lanka Lake of the lagoon origin, where the great crested grebes perform their courtship rituals in spring. We will get off at the Tulkiaragė Pumping Station, walk along the Tulkiaragė Nature Trail, observe the birds of the meadows, and listen to the story of the rarest European singer – the Aquatic warbler.

The price of the tour includes services of an ornithologist as a guide, boat rental, binoculars and monoculars.

Additionally, we can offer a picnic comprised of local specialities at the Tulkiaragė Pumping Station, a lunch on board, and a bird ringing educational activity at the Ventė Ornithological Station.

Clothing: casual, comfortable, protection from rain and wind.

Trip availability period: from the beginning of March to the end of October.

Trip duration: about 6 hours.


Group of 10 people – from 45 EUR/person.

Group of 20 people – from 40 EUR/person.

Group of 30 people – from 35 EUR/person.

Group of 40 people – from 30 EUR/person.


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