The short Rusnė route by boat

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The route starts by boarding a speedboat at the Mingė, Šyša, Šilutė, or Rusnė piers. Then, you will go via the Pakalnė River, visit Pakalnė Village, Rusnė Island, see the border with Russia, the golden beaches of the Atmata River, the Uostadvaris Lighthouse, Mingė Village and Kniaupas Bay – a bird paradise where, if you are lucky, you will meet many birds, including sea eagles, and will admire the Nida dunes gleaming in the distance, as well as the Ventė Cape, after which you will be carried back to the starting point via the lagoon and the Atmata River.

An experienced guide – the Captain will be with you throughout the entire tour, share with you the most interesting stories about the region, accompany you to the lighthouses, educational activities and assist you in all issues that may arise during the tour.

Based on the wishes of the travellers, a lunch or picnic on board of the boat or on shore, as well as in a restaurant, may be arranged for an additional fee.

Tastings of the ancient spirits produced in the region, as well as of traditional Kafija (a local coffee drink) and cake, can be ordered on all trips.

All tours are coordinated individually, taking into account the weather conditions, customer wishes, preferences and possibilities. You will have a tour designed personally for you. Unforgettable experiences guaranteed!

Number of passengers: 2 to 12.

Duration: 2.5 to 3.5 hours.

Price: from EUR 330


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