Reed Cutting on Rusnė Island educational tour

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A proper time to cut the reed is when water bodies freeze and the thickness of the ice is suitable for walking on it. The length of the period for reed cutting depends on weather conditions. If the winter is cold, it may last up to March, and if the winter is warm, the cutting period may last merely one week. Upon arrival to the site, you will see how reed is cut and how it is bundled, as well as will learn about the use of this material and have a possibility to try this work for yourself. During the tour, you will also get acquainted with Rusnė Island and its architecture, and will be treated to the ‘reed-cutter’s’ porridge and Rusnė Island hot tea.

This unique offer is only valid when the water bodies are frozen (during the winter).

Clothing: warm, comfortable.

Tour duration: up to 5 hours.


  1. Excursion programme;
  2. ‘Reed-cutter’s porridge and hot tea;
  3. Tour leader and guide services.


Group of 10 people – from 30 EUR/person.

Group of 20 people – from 25 EUR/person.

Group of 30 people – from 20 EUR/person.

Group of 40 people – from 15 EUR/person.


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