Rusnė not yet Seen cycling route

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Just one day of cycling – and we will reveal to you the real face of Rusnė. We will accompany you to the most beautiful corners of the island, where a man wanders rarely and the presence of birds is abundant. We will observe these common guests to the island with the help of a professional ornithologist who will accompany us along the entire route, as well as we will visit a colony of black seagulls, a rare and protected species.

Don’t miss the opportunity to run through the vastness of meadows, wander along the dense network of rivers, visit the town and its three villages situated on the island, taste the local specialities and catch the spirit of Rusnė. The length of the route is about 25 km.

You will see: the remains of the Peters Bridge, K. Banys Ethnographic Farmstead Museum, a suspension bridge, the rivers of Skirvytė, Pakalnė, Vorusnė, Skatulė, the Bevardis stream, the river of Naikupė, Šmulžiogis, Smailiažiogis, Kalnupžiogis, Pelintakis, Katulės Žiogis, the Vorusnė and Naikupė pumping stations, the Uostadvaris Tower, a water lifting station, a lighthouse, and will participate in bird watching activities.

Recommendations for gear: a cover for the head, mosquito and tick repellent, comfortable clothing, including pants (shorts are not recommended, because the grass in the meadows may cause cuts to the skin while walking, as well as there may be stretches of cycling through long grass), and waterproof clothing in case it rains.

The price of the trip includes services of a guide.

In addition, we can offer: bicycles, lunch, picnic, and visits to tourist attractions.

The offer may be adjusted to individual needs.

Price of the tour:

Group of 20 people – from 10 EUR/person.

Group of 30 people – from 8 EUR/person.

Group of 40 people – from 6 EUR/person.

Group of 50 people – from 5 EUR/person.


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