Following the Steps of History in Tauragė

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Tauragė is a historical borderline point that has witnessed many wars and reminisces about quite a number of historical figures and old trade routes.

On arrival to the city of Tauragė, we will first visit the regional museum, where you will see and learn about the origins of the city, its history and its people. In the home for political prisoners and deportees located nearby, you will have a chance to perceive how the people imprisoned there felt and in what distressing uncertainly they had to live at that time. Then we will go to the Pagramantis Regional Park and will visit a restored partisan underground bunker in Pagramantis Forest, where the 2nd (Jūra since 1948) special team of Lydys (Butigeidis since 1948) of the 3rd company of the Kęstutis District was housed.

To engage in more relaxing activities, the local community will offer traditional dishes, educational activities and provide information about the traditions and customs characteristic of the region.

The price of the trip includes services of a guide.

Additional fees: paid tourist attractions and educational activities.

Route duration: about 6 hours.

Clothing and footwear: comfortable.


Group of 10 people – from 15 EUR/person.

Group of 20 people – from 8 EUR/person.

Group of 30 people – from 6 EUR/person.

Group of 40 people – from 4 EUR/person.

Group of 50 people – from 3 EUR/person.


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