Secrets of the Aukštumala raised bog


In August to March, we offer a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in elemental adventures in the Aukštumala raised bog together with an experienced nature guide. The key requirements are to have rubber boots or … to splash one’s way through the bog barefooted, as well as be not afraid of challenges in overcoming various natural obstacles, jumping over the canals, wading into the water, and getting wet. During the hike, you will find out and learn how to distinguish, where the bog woodland ends and the raised bog plateau begins, and what are the signs of an active bog and a degrading bog. Depending on the season, you will have the opportunity to bring home some gifts of nature: cranberries, wild rosemary, and heath. You will also learn about the rarest wetland plants that should not be collected, and will have an opportunity to admire the many little pools scattered in the bog, as well as to taste the water from them. Indelible impressions guaranteed!

Length of the hike: 4 km/2 hours; 7 km/4 hours.

Clothing: waterproof, comfortable, rubber boots.

The price includes services of a guide.

Price: from € 80


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